#SportDiplomacyAcademy dissemination event in Rijeka

On 22.11.2019, Sanja Varaklić, project manager of SDA project in Croatia, who was present in Sofia in October at Module 1, presented the project to 30 sport management students, administration staff in sport clubs and sport organizations and sport leaders who participated in Sport Diplomacy Academy Dissemination Event 1 in Rijeka, Croatia. She presented project goals, activities and purpose of 4 Modules in 4 Partner Countries (Bulgaria, BiH, Croatia and Italy). After presenting the project in general, Mr. Igor Mirić, one of the SDA participants, shared his personal experience of the Module 1 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He emphasized the benefits of the project so far (in his personal experience): meeting people from different cultural background and professional fields, making new contacts, enhancing self-confidence and presentation and public speaking skills, gaining knowledge in new subjects and improving language skills, etc.

Interested in knowing more about this project? Check out SDA’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/sportdiplomacyacademy/