Fans Against Violence

The international project aims to reduce fan violence in basketball. Since fan leaders are the only people who can control fan groups behavior, the plan was to reach them at first place and appoint them as an active part of the project.

By experiential learning and teamwork there has been built a social connection among young fans, and a realizing of common interest. The goal was to increase a communication among fans of different teams, raise empathy and ultimately create a value of being a fan of basketball instead of being only the fan of a team.


The participants has been trained how to run a public campaign about fan violence. 17 fan groups took initiative and have run campaigns for public awareness to spread a common understanding about sport culture and social responsibility. 9 projects at national and international level have been developed by fans from different clubs thanks to sustainable cooperation which has been built on the project.

Partner countries: Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Spain.

Participants: 700 fans from 32 teams