Erasmus Prague Games

Is the championship in basketball, volleyball and soccer for Erasmus students in Prague. The main purpose of the project is to gather foreign students from all Prague universities, to give them an opportunity to enjoy the sport, and empower friendship in their community. The teams have been making from students from different countries, with different culture, religion or skin color and the sport competition erases those diversities. The game teaches them cooperation and brakes stereotypes through fun and emotional experience, which is unforgettable.

The competition has been organizing by volunteers from Erasmus Student Network (ESN) 2x in a year (every semester). Thanks to volunteer’s work, it has minimum budget payed by contributions from the universities and participants fees. Prizes for winners has been providing by local sponsors or ESN. It has been promoting on facebook in private groups, public ESN sites, newsletters and by personal invitations.

See video from Erasmus Prague Games 2014 on YouTube