Get Addicted to Sport Values (GETVAL)

The aim of GETVAL is to promote the positive values of sport, fighting against anti-fair play, discrimination and violence. Often youth starting to practice sports receive an education which is concentrated on the physical development but less on the behavioural and values aspect. The persons involved in the educational process (parents, teachers and sport coaches), don't tackle these aspects properly for a lack of knowledge and tools to be effective on the kids’ behaviours. Moreover, often, the wish for the performances of the children to be the best, brings in excessive competitiveness and stress, developing in the young sportspersons a "win at all costs" attitude, contrary to the values of sportsmanship. The project wants to change this trend involving a diverse set of partners.


The activities foreseen are:

- Research on the level of awareness of the target groups on the topic of integrity in sport,

- Research and development of tools to tackle values and positive behaviours through and in sport for youth,

- Workshops for the development of sport values and combat against doping, match fixing and discrimination in sports, directed to kids, parents, teachers and sport coaches,

- An international training for educators (teachers, trainers, coaches) to share tools and best practices to be used in the activities at local level,

- A campaign in the 5 partner countries and online, promoting sport values and integrity,

- The “Sport Village” in the 5 countries, a closing event with sport tournaments, educational activities and a sport fair.


The main objectives of the project are:

- Encourage positive behaviour, equality and fair play,

- Combat issues such as match fixing whilst highlighting the negative health effects of doping,

- Understand the views of young people and those involved in sports education,

- Develop new sporting methods which improve the knowledge and attitudes of all,

- Provide governance and policy guidelines to institutions working within sport.



- Recommendations for policy makers and sport federations,

- Handbook of best practices, tools and methods,

- European Chart of Sport Values,

- Dedicated Platform for discussion.


Partner countries: Italy, Turkey, Romania, Malta and Greece

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