About #GoodGovernanceSport

Good Governance in sport is an aspect that is becoming increasingly necessary in the sector, as the same problems are continuing to occur over and over again, starting with:

European, national and local sport organisations and federations and sport governance at all levels needs to implement necessary reforms, as stated already from many European sport organizations with the signing of the declaration on good governance (presented in Brussels in September 2016 and signed by BSDA in Malta in March 2017). As the sport bodies have been invited to commit to promote or implement basic principles of good governance in sport: integrity, transparency, accountability, democracy and inclusivity and as it is only a beginning of a process we need to walk in the present reality in order to make sport competible in the dynamic world.
Until the moment, across Europe efforts are being made to try and raise governance standards in the sports sector, specifically around the principles of democracy, transparency, accountability in decision-making, and inclusiveness in the representation of interested stakeholders. While taking into account the great diversity of sport structures in different European countries, the EU aims to strengthen the organisation of sport in Europe. The proper approach should be to provide added value to work at national level by collecting and sharing good practices and providing practical recommendations that will help increase standards of good governance in sport.

Until the moment, on the field of Good governance in sport has been walked the following steps:

Based on the gap, stated in the aforementioned analysis of the policies and actions, taken on EU level and considering the need of rebuilding the trust in sport and bringing back in daily work of the sport organizations in EU the principles of good governance. As sport is about ambition, emotion and inspiration, initiated by the people for the people, the good governance in the field should be based on the personal convictions of decision-makers for integrity, dedication and fairness as well as on the principles of “fair play”, team-work, discipline, equal start and non-discrimination. it is more than visible that the importance of highlighting and promoting good governance as the unique solution of the crisis that sport organizations are suffering and insure European citizens, that the accountability and transparency in sport are high priority. This is why the current project is aiming to find the way of analyzing, collecting and promoting the needed steps in the proper visibility of the decisions taken, decision making stakeholders, transparency of public funding. We believe that the added value of this project and all project outputs – analysis and report of current condition of accountability and transparency, trainings, educational and dissemination events on the topic of good governance, decision – makers meetings and self-learning path in good governance in sport will contribute to the increasing of people, that trust sport organizations and involve themselves more and more in sport and physical activity. Project outputs will be available for sport organizations at local, national and European level, as well to the educational institutions, local authorities, NGO’s, national authorities in their daily work.

The current collaborative partnership will implement various activities on local, national and international level; will focus in development, identification, analyzing, promotion and sharing good practices in good governance as well as giving recommendations to some of the observed practices that can be improved. The analysis that will be implemented during the project will be very useful for all sport organizations in Europe, regardless of their capacity and scope of activities. In the present times we are living now, our public face is available in few clicks and we need to be sure, that this face is reflecting the reality and is giving us the full picture of accountability and transparency. This project identifies and adequately addresses clearly specific needs for bringing a new approach of management and administration in the field of sport on national and European level. GGS will add to the existing knowledge, know-how and practices to the organizations and persons involved in project activities and outputs.

All activities we will hold by this project will be available and can be used as OER (open educational resources) to the interested stakeholders. The possibility for a self – learning path in the field of good governance will improve sport management or at least will present to the decision makers and administrators in sport what has to be improved. Trust in sport needs to be repaired and this is a small step to present who the organizations are, who is bringing the decisions on board, how public money are spent, who is responsible for the organizational issues at all levels.

Main objectives, we will focus in the project are: